We can provide you with a wide variety of network planning solutions.

Broadband Digital Services

Network Survey

We believe that a good quality plan starts with good quality survey. Our national team of experienced surveyors provide;

  • A detailed walk out of all design areas, including trunk routes, local infrastructure, business parks and all individual premises
  • Proving and auditing of existing duct infrastructure to optimise designs and deliver the best and most economical designs
  • PIA (BT Physical Infrastructure Access) Accredited survey teams for utilisation of the BT Openreach network if required
  • Full hazard review inline with CDM requirements

Network Design & Planning

A detailed and well researched planning package ensures cost-effective build by minimising construction issues on site. Working from our head office in the Midlands, our planners integrate seamlessly with our site based survey teams to provide a comprehensive planning service to our customers. We are highly conversant with both the latest FTTx design specifications and with traditional RF & Telco planning standards. Key services that we offer which can be tailored to your requirements;

  • Network expansion design activity, including the fundamental nodal design, core trunk routes, detailed design of geographical areas
  •  Diversionary works planning, ensuring that the impact on exiting network and associated customers is minimised whilst maintaining network integrity in line with NRSWA legislation

Wayleave Services

Obtaining wayleave is a key enabler in the role out of any infrastructure. Our expert team can work with you to ensure that you have an innovative approach to communication and interaction with landlords in order to obtain wayleave agreements.

  • Our teams can identify wayleave requirements covering private roads, shared driveways and MDU’s at the survey stage, and even earlier in your evaluation process
  • We can work with you to tailor our service to match your business requirements, contacting/visiting homeowners and landlords on your behalf to obtain wayleave
  • We can ensure accurate record keeping of all wayleave communication and acquisition is in place

Tailored MDU Solutions

We understand that the MDU Sector is challenging, but that premise volumes in this area can contribute significantly to infrastructure programmes. We can work with you to tailor your business for success in this area. Tenants in this sector are more likely to cancel their services before installation than in any other sector so quality engagement with both residents and landlords is key to success.

  • Engagement with landlords/housing associations/local authorities and to obtain wayleave agreements and approval of proposed design routes
  • Ability to design solutions which link  in to existing receiver systems or designing a new MDU distribution, we can tailor our solution to meet your network specifications

GIS & As-Builts

Good quality records are key to maintaining the integrity of your networks. Our team of analysts are highly experienced in the plotting of new network designs as well as confirming these designs at the ‘As-built’ stage following completion of build activity. We can work with a variety of systems and have extensive knowledge in a range of CAD/GIS systems including; Smallworld, Intergraph GCOMMS and Autodesk Map3D. We can deliver these GIS services in a digital format to suit your business needs.